Rape Poem

There is no difference between being raped And going head first through a windshield Except that afterward you are afraid not of cars, But half the human race. Excerpt from Marge Piercy. Rape Poem.


“Lone wolf” device

“There is first of all the “lone wolf” trick. It is taken from the arsenal of Hitler, who always used to boast … about the fact that others controlled the press, the radio - everything; and that he had nothing. [He] slightly modifies this by specifically insisting he has no politician’s money behind him. .... This … Continue reading “Lone wolf” device

From Ferguson to France

"The events in Ferguson reveal how victim status in the U.S. is often skewed by race and ethnicity. For example, the New York Times described Michael Brown as a criminal and “no angel” when writing about his death. Similar reports emphasized how Brown had barely graduated high school, enjoyed rap music, and had traces of marijuana in his system when he died. We … Continue reading From Ferguson to France

Carrying Guns, Contesting Genders

"I was nervous about adequately concealing my pistol that morning and carrying it into public space, but as a researcher, I was even more curious about what it was like to carry a gun on an everyday basis. Would it feel different to grab a cup of coffee knowing that I was armed with a … Continue reading Carrying Guns, Contesting Genders

The Heavy Bear

"“The withness of the body”: the body as not “me” but “with” me is at the same time the body that is inescapably “with me.” Like a Siamese twin, neither one with me nor separable from me, my body has “followed me since the black womb held,” moving where I move, accompanying my every act. … Continue reading The Heavy Bear

Racism Without Racists

“But regardless of whites’ ‘‘sincere fictions,’’[5] racial considerations shade almost everything in America. Blacks and dark-skinned racial minorities lag well behind whites in virtually every area of social life; they are about three times more likely to be poor than whites, earn about 40 percent less than whites, and have about an eighth of the … Continue reading Racism Without Racists

The Advent of Positive Philosophy

  “[Augste] Comte [pictured above] had great confidence in the ascendancy of the positive doctrine. Its “perfect logical coherence” and its social function assured success, because this doctrine “will impart a homogeneous and rational character to the desultory politics of our day, and it will...establish a general harmony in the entire system of social ideas…” … Continue reading The Advent of Positive Philosophy

Protesting War and Hegemonic Masculinity in Music Videos: Audioslave’s “Doesn’t Remind Me”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBFdX37Qpnk The obvious narrative arc of the video is one of a boy who has lost his father in the Iraq War; but underlying this narrative is another that tells the story of the boy being taught to be a man. Morello [guitarist of Audioslave] explained: It's a story of a woman who loses her … Continue reading Protesting War and Hegemonic Masculinity in Music Videos: Audioslave’s “Doesn’t Remind Me”

Heteronormativity in Zombie Films

[This article primarily analyzes 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, and Shaun of the Dead; each film has its own section - of roughly 9 paragraphs - in this essay: "An origin of sentimentalizing family in a zombie apocalypse: 28 Days Later", "“My husband is back, and he’s alive”: Mapping the recuperation of family", and "The … Continue reading Heteronormativity in Zombie Films

Silence in Time

“Writing, reading, thinking, imagining, speculating. These are luxury activities, so I am reminded, permitted to a privileged few, whose idle hours of the day can be viewed otherwise [. ...] Substantial creative achievement demands not necessarily genius, but acumen, bent, persistence, time. And time, in the framework of industrial development, means a wage that admits of leisure … Continue reading Silence in Time