This is the blog of Timothy Haverda, a sociology master’s student at UTSA. I started this blog to facilitate access to noteworthy texts, particularly those which I found should be useful to those that were unable to access these resources or those texts that were difficult to obtain. I have also provided pictures and notes along with the text to hopefully provide greater accessibility. I trust others will find this blog useful.

A little bit about me:

My master’s thesis, MENINISM: THE MEN’S RIGHTS MOVEMENT, THE  MANOSPHERE, AND ANTI-FEMINIST BACKLASH, is a qualitative study investigating the various facets of contemporary reactionary men’s movements, such as the men’s rights movement, the father’s rights movement, and neo-masculinists such as Roosh V and Jack Donovan. This thesis includes in-depth interviews as well as textual analysis. I have talked about my thesis on KENS 5, a local news station:

I have also presented some specific findings at various conferences and colloquiums.

While interested in masculinities and men’s movements, my other research interests include general social and sociological theory, political sociology, cultural studies, and Marxist sociology. My CV can be found by clicking here.



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